Then the thrushes sang

‘Then the thrushes sang’ explores
culture in the UK. Included in this body
of work are sections on photographs
from small towns in Warwickshire and
Oxfordshire. These places have been
chosen to investigate the stories behind
each of them, serving as narratives of
the traditions of rural England.
This is explored through the artist’s
connection with and feelings while
visiting these places as a non-native
person, as he was raised in Greece.
Furthermore, this is explored through
the photographic process behind the
journey to these rural places, which
deepened engagement with the culture
of the countryside of England. This
documentary aim to represent the reality
of rural places by telling a story through
the images and transfer the authenticity
of nature. This is done in order to
portray the simplistic aesthetic of the
subject’s nature. By exploring these images
from a personal perspective, the viewer may
gain a connection with the work and
emotional appreciation of the subject