‘Discarded’ features images that the artist previously had no interest in using. Something was missing which would have made these images unique, despite the fact that their objects have a personal connection to the artists. The aim of this series is to create new narratives by destroying these previously unused images. By cutting and burning their edges, the remaining damaged fragments can then be assembled and stitched together. This incorporates the original images and their objects in a novel perspective.

The inspiration behind ‘Discarded’ pertains to the idea that every photograph is unique and authentic but, with digital reproduction, an image can be copied more than once and look identical. Is there authenticity in this? How can a digital copy be authentic? A copy of an image can be special as it does not lose its context. It also gives the image a chance to exist more broadly and survive if the original image is lost. However, people engage with objects in images, importantly in material terms through feeling, touch and smell. Using discarded images to create a new narrative through physical manipulation and novel reproduction, they are made authentic because they can never be copied and look the same.