Georgios Chatzakis (b. 2000) is a Greek artist, using photography to explore the study of landscapes.
Chatzakis studied Photography (BA) at Coventry University and was recently interviewed by the
Royal Photographic Society, Journal, vol 162.

His work as a practitioner is based in multidisciplinary, contemporary art practice, publishing and
photobook-making. Chatzakis works with photographic manipulation to reveal different interpretations
of his photographic landscapes from the perspective of the individual. He has participated in various
of photography exhibitions, exploring the heritage and impacts of hiking in the countryside and creating
interactive spaces with his black-and-white landscapes.

These themes lend themselves to an exploration of human interaction with the environment,
both in terms of the conflicts and symbioses. Chatzakis also aims to document how the environment
is manipulated by humans, how it can manipulate us, and the change it undergoes both under human
perception and on a geological timescale.

Exhibitions and Publications:

Peckham 24, A Bigger Book Fair, Copeland Park, London ‘to weather the storm’ First edition. Self published (2024)

Accidental Encounters, Copeland Gallery, London ‘Anthrophony’ a project sponsored by UNESCO (2024)

Earth Week Collective, London College of Communication ‘Anthrophony’ a project sponsored by UNESCO (2024)

Sprout Publish, Amsterdam, Netherlands ‘Journeys, Roaming deep in lands’ (2023)

The Royal Photographic Society, Journal (2022)

Beyond Boarders, Kythera, Greece ‘Journeys, Roaming deep in lands’ (2022)

Ellen Terry, Coventry University ‘Journeys, Roaming deep in lands’ (2022)

Source Photographic Review, Graduate photography online (2022)

UNFOLD: Coventry University degree show ‘Journeys, Roaming deep in lands’ (2022)

Dot Dot Dot, Coventry University ‘Journeys, Roaming deep in lands’ (2022)

Exposure Photo Festival, Coventry, UK ‘Discarded’ (2021)

Self published ‘Then the thrushes sang’ (2021)


Photography MA (Publishing) London College of Communication - current

Photography BA (Hons) Coventry Univesity - First Class

Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop